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Who are the Mennonites in Europe and what do they do? On this website we will tell you the latest news and activities. We share stories about current and background.

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“On the Road” together

07-09-2019 13:33
“On the Road” together
From 30 May to 2 June 2019, 45 young Mennonites from The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Ukraine met in Dopersduin, Schoorl, to connect, inspire each other and learn from each other about what it means to walk together as one church. Read more >>

A delegation From Zimbabwe visits Germany

07-09-2019 12:20
A delegation From Zimbabwe visits Germany
In this following article you'll read about the experience of guide M. Bossa  companied by a Zimbabwe delegation, they visit the Holocaust Memorial in Berlijn. Read more >>

27-03-2019 10:24
"Last Aid" in the community. Worship and course to alleviate suffering
"Last aid" in the community
Worship and course to alleviate suffering
Is there meaningful suffering? Was the question that Bernhard Thiessen asked in the church service on January 13, 2019. We are rightfully happy that thanks to the palliative care no one has to suffer anymore. There are many remedies for the treatment of pain that make illness easier, even dying. And yet the question remains, especially in the light of the coming Passion-time, that is, the time in which we remember the suffering of Jesus: When is suffering meaningful? Read more >>

Letters to my son

08-02-2019 10:35
Letters to my son
Sunday 27 januari 2019 the anabaptist church in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, featured a play called “Letters to my son” written and produced by Annerixt Pijlman.
She is a graduate from the theatre academy in Maastricht and currently teaches dramatic expressions at the Wateringsveld College.
The play was quite inspiring to me which is the reason I wrote this blog post. I hope you enjoy it. Read more >>

What about that Kingdom of Yours?

03-02-2019 17:22
What about that Kingdom of Yours?
I remember Don and Andrew, two schoolboys from Belfast. They spent their summer of 1983 with us, leaving the violence of Northern Ireland behind them for a couple of weeks. The trip had been organized by a number of local churches in the north of the Netherlands.  Read more >>
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