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Mennonite Europe during the CME2018 / MERK 2018



Auteur: Hajo Hajonides
Bron: Merk 2018
Brontaal: Dutch
Vertaald door Google Translate: Ja

On this website we want to tell stories from that diversity in Europe. In first instance we look for stories, travel reports, announcements and reports of important events, encounters / experiences with God, wonderful experiences, histories (personal, of the religious community or of a regional group), stories that influenced your life, stories that you can not keep to yourself, etc. Naturally, a visual support (photos, videos, etc.) is welcome.

The purpose of our presence on the CME 2018 / MERK 2018 was to publicize that website and to collect e-mail addresses from interested people who want to be kept informed when up-dates appear on the website. In addition the collection e-mail addresses from contacts who are willing to contribute to the content of the website was an important goal.

In total we collected about 200 e-mail addresses and around 400 people visited the stand.
The stickers affixed showed that most CME 2018 / MERK 2018 visitors came from the Alzace. The area on the border of Switzerland, Germany and France. The other big group was from the Netherlands. But there were also people from the Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Spain, Portugal, England, Ireland and Denmark.

The back wall of the stand consisted of a large map of Europe and the logo of the website. Everyone was asked to indicate on the map where they came from with a sticker. The photos were then taken before the logo.
Those who had a photo taken were asked if they wanted to leave their e-mail address so that we can inform them if there is an up-date of the website.

We all hope that we will receive a good response so our goal, to connect mennonites in Europe will be achieved.


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