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Roman Rakhuba - Collumn (From the AMBCU newsletter)



Author: Bertus Ypenga
Source: Google Translate
Source language: English

“Dear friends, We, Ukrainians live in a very interesting period of time. This is a time of freedom and opportunity for Christians when all doors are open and people are susceptible to preaching, and also this time of trial and struggle, when economic, political and military shocks constantly the strength of our faith. Similar tests of faith were also conducted on these lands by our Mennonite brothers, who brought faith, development, prosperity and high standards of spiritual life to these places more than 200 years ago. Unfortunately, these people were forced to to leave our lands because of political repression and persecution of Christians by the ungodly Soviet authorities. to this day. And the most important thing is the spiritual heritage left in the form of hundreds of thousands of hearts in which the Word from God was sown, which brought its fruit in the development of Ukrainian Protestantism. Thousands of churches today are the result of the spiritual seeding of the Mennonites of that time. Over time, the churches experienced their ups and downs, developing and suffering defeats at different times. Analyzing the situation of today, our churches are increasingly talking about the revival of the spiritual influence of historical Mennonites, who have given us a wonderful example of spiritual perseverance, hard work and peacemaking. Passing the difficulties and blessings of today, we understand that we have someone to imitate and whose example to orient ourselves on. God gives into our hands great freedom, as the fruit of spiritual achievement and suffering, faithful Christians of the Anabaptists, who laid their lives on God's altar. Roman Rakhuba


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