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A delegation From Zimbabwe visits Germany



Author: Bertus Ypenga

Germany and its history - one
View from the outside
Bundestagskuppel, the memorials for the murdered parliamentarians, for the murdered Sinti and Roma, for the murdered gays, lesbians, transsexuals and intersexuals, for the murdered Jews during the Nazi period, the parliamentary exhibition "Paths - Errwege - detours" ( Incidentally, with a highly competent English leadership) - concentrated impressions on how Germany deals with its history. However, these were expressly requested by Danisa Ndlovu in our joint programming last February. How meaningful this request was, then showed in the joint evaluation:
After the guided tour through the chapters "German Early Parliamentarianism, Revolution 1848/49, Weimar Republic and its end" we took the opportunity to reflect on what we have seen and heard in the shade and with cold drinks during lunch. Interesting insights and perspectives changed:
- Universal human rights such as freedom of religion and expression are due not to the United States, but especially to those who had argued and suffered for it long before the United States was founded in Europe - and as a consequence of the persecutions often no alternatives to flight and Emigration saw.
- The importance of the "distribution of power" between the Chancellor and the President of the Confederation for the protection of democracy ("chancellor-democracy" or not) has once again been clearly demonstrated by the review of the strength of the Reich President during the Weimar Republic.
At the first evaluation session in Dortmund, there was a commendation for my country: The different efforts of the Germans to deal with the history of Germany are exemplary for others: Zimbabwe e.g. I still have a long way to go, if you are the unprocessed ones
Events, including the genocide in Matabeleland in the 1980s in still young Zimbabwe (since 1980 internationally recognized independent), keep in mind. And me as a German? Again and again when I welcome international guests in Berlin
may I hold for a moment in my concern for the current development in Germany (polarization of the company, to be observed again right-hand shift of the AfD - to name just two things), put my (as I believe) "typical German" critical glasses aside and see again with thanks, what have made this republic and your citizens since the end of the war. At the same time, I will never relinquish my responsibilities as a post-war born. However, I must confess that in recent years, too, I have taken the high standard of democracy as a matter of course in this country, without giving too much thought to the fact that democracy can only live if people are also responsible for it.


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