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About us

This website is an initiative from the foundation “Internationaal Menno Simons Centrum”. This foudation has the following mission: “To connect the spiritual descendents of Menno Simons in Europe by sharing stories, experiences and reflections to make the Mennonite heritage lively and known to eachother”.
This website was developed to make this sharing possible.

The website has four language pages; English, French, German and Dutch. In order to save expences, we are using the translating module “Google Translate”. This can lead to translations that differ from the original meaning of the the original text. We hope you can understand that but also that you will still be able to pick out the valuable aspects from the texts.

We seek as many partners in Europe as we can to contribute tot his website. So we invite everybody to share his or her thoughts with us.


Editors: Hajo Hajonides en Jelle Waringa

Technical support: Hans ter Haar

Contact: share@mennontes.eu

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