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In November around twenty people from different European countries met in Oxford, UK. This meeting was organized by the MCC European representatives, Naomi and Douglas Enns. All participants represented an organisation working on “connecting Mennonites”. Each year a special topic is discussed and this time we discussed the book  “The Moral Imagination: The Art and Soul of Building Peace” writen by John Paul Lederach. 


Sunday 27 januari 2019 the anabaptist church in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, featured a play called “A letter to my son” written and produced by Annerixt Pijlman.
She is a graduate from the theatre academy in Maastricht and currently teaches dramatic expressions at the Wateringsveld College. 

I remember Don and Andrew, two schoolboys from Belfast. They spent their summer of 1983 with us, leaving the violence of Northern Ireland behind them for a couple of weeks. The trip had been organized by a number of local churches in the north of the Netherlands.  

Like a relay baton. That’s how we can pass on the story. Like a baton you pass on but only let go of when the other person has a really good grasp of it. On the last day of MERK 2018, we were all given a baton, a tangible souvenirof this European Mennonite conference. The French word for a relay baton is is témoin, derived from the word témoinage that can be translated as 'witness'. A double meaning perfectly suited to the theme of the four days. 

Assembled in Montbéliard, France, on the occasion of the Mennonite European Conference, May 10-13 2018, we, Mennonite Christians from France and Europe, wish to express our indignation and to protest on ethical grounds the Eurosatory International Defense and Security Fair which will be held in Paris from June 11 to 15, 2018 

Naomi Enns is MCC’s representative for West Europe together with her spouse Doug Enns. They traveled to Switzerland to meet with Karin Gerber-Bartel who has made comforters for MCC for several years. The Ennses previously served as MCC representatives for Syria and Lebanon. 


Mennonite Europe during the CME2018 / MERK 2018

The European Mennonite Regional Conference in Montbéliard, 10–13 May 2018 by Joshua T. Searle

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